Guardian Home Medical in Lubbock, Texas just posted a fantastic article on everything you need to know about staying clean during the Flu Season. Here’s a preview:

nfluenza virus or flu as it is sometimes called is a dangerous disease which could ultimately lead to death if not properly and earnestly treated. It generally affects the human respiratory system and comes with symptoms like fever, headache, malaise, coughs, sore throat, rhinitis, etc. This disease is highly communicable and can be easily transferred through coming in contact with the respiratory droplet of an affected person. What this means is, if a carrier of the influenza virus sneezes, people who are around at that time and are not protected might easily contact the virus. Ordinarily, after the sneeze, the viruses are suspended in the air for some time and anyone who comes in contact with them during the period in which they are still active could contract the disease after inhaling the air if they are not protected.

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