Willis Auto & Diesel Repair located in Lubbock, Texas, just uploaded a great article on winter car care. These tips are crucial to keeping your vehicle running during crazy weather.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

The coldest season of the year is quickly drawing close. As the holiday season approaches, motorists love to go on road trips, but this can be dangerous during winter due to the fog and poor visibility of the roads. You want to make sure your car is in top shape before you hit the road. Willis auto and diesel service is here to help.

Here are the top 4 tips from Willis Auto to keep your car in exceptional health during the winter season.

1. Keep the battery in great shape

Batteries are a lot like people during the winter; they need to stay warm and be fed regularly. It is very important that your car batteries are fully charged. We can inspect the battery’s terminals and cables by cleaning any corrosion and replace any worn off parts then also run a battery test to make sure your battery has plenty of life left.

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